Empowering Women in Renewable Energy


    Women in Renewable Energy

    Women in Renewable Energy

    With the increasing importance of renewable energy, women are making a significant contribution to the sector. In recent years, there has been a growing trend of women taking up leadership positions and making strides in renewable energy in India.

    One of the many examples of women in renewable energy in India is Vandana Gombar, a journalist and commentator on energy and environment issues. She has been an advocate for renewable energy and sustainable development in India for many years. Another example is Darshana Ubl, who is the CEO of the company Renew Power. She has been instrumental in the company’s success and has helped it become one of the largest renewable energy companies in India. There are also many women who are working in research and development in renewable energy. For example, Dr. Smita Gupta is a senior scientist at the National Physical Laboratory in New Delhi. She is working on developing more efficient solar cells that can be used in solar panels.

    To name a few other women scientists in the field of RE, Dr. Purnima Jalihal (NIOT), Dr. Geeta Balakrishnan (Jain University), Dr. Vasanta Thakur (MNRE), Ms. Priya (MNRE) are working towards implementation of RE in India.

    Although, women of India are overcoming the challenge of using traditional methods of cooking, drying, space heating, etc. However, they are looking forward to use RE technologies in their regular household work by using Improved Cooking Systems, Solar cookers, Biogas and through usage of livelihood generation products such as solar dryer, solar lamps, etc.

    Overall, while there are still many challenges facing women in renewable energy in India, there is also much hope and potential for the future. With more women taking up leadership roles and making contributions to the sector, India is well-positioned to become a leader in renewable energy in the coming years.

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