New Technologies

    The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has taken up the following programs on various New Technologies, As part of these programs, research, development and demonstration projects have been initiated at various research, scientific and educational institutes, universities, national laboratories, industry, etc. These projects are helping in the development of indigenous research and industrial base, expertise, trained manpower and prototypes/devices/systems in the country

    Geo Thermal Energy

    Geothermal Energy is an important source of renewable energy, available 24X7, independent of time/weather conditions and potential to supply consistently throughout the year with higher CUF. Geothermal Energy as a source of heat stored in the earth’s crust, which is manifested on surface as hot springs and geysers. USA, Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, and New Zealand are leading countries. In India, GSI has estimated a tentative theoretical potential of 10 GW could be extracted from geothermal energy.

    Ocean Energy

    Ocean Energy refers to energy derived from viz Wave Energy, Tidal Energy, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion etc. The technology development of these areas are at R&D stage and are economically not viable. The Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai in association with Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited (CRISIL), has conducted a study on “Tidal & Waves Energy in India: Survey on the Potential & Proposition of a Roadmap” in December 2014. As per the report, estimated theoretical potentials for Tidal and Wave energy are 12,455 MW and 41,300 MW respectively.