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    Other Events
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    Introductory Meeting between MNRE and TCPs Working on Renewable Technologies, Fuels and their System Integration 07/11/2023 View(311 KB)
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    World Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day Celebrations highlight role of Hydrogen in building a Sustainable and Prosperous Future 08/10/2023 View(2 MB)
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    INDIA-EU Trade and Technology Council (TTC) Working Group 2 on Green and Clean Energy Technologies International Workshop Hybrid Format 22/09/2023 View(712 KB)
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    MNRE Workshop on Solar Thermal Technologies_R&D Division 13/09/2023 View(651 KB)
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    Webinar on Skill Development and Reskilling for Wind Sector 21/07/2023 View(962 KB)
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    Webinar on Research Opportunities in Wind Energy 12/07/2023 View(889 KB)
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    Webinar on Forecasting of Renewable Energy Production 23/06/2023 View(1,005 KB)
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    MNRE Workshop on Agri PV_R&D Division 23/06/2023 View(309 KB)
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    Interactive Session with Wind Industry Experts 26/05/2023 View(2 MB)
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    Webinar on Offshore Wind Energy 10/05/2023 View(956 KB)
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    Awareness Programme on Wind Energy for School Teachers 28/04/2023 View(956 KB)
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    INDIA-EU TRADE AND TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL Green and Clean Energy Technologies Working Group 2 (WG2) 25/04/2023 View(132 KB)
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    Webinar on Grid Integration of Renewable Energy 12/04/2023 View(1,016 KB)
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    R & D Conclave on Renewable Energy 11/04/2023 View(462 KB)
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    Webinar on Design and Layout of Wind Farms 15/02/2023 View(1 MB)
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    Webinar on Wind Turbine Testing and Measurement Techniques 07/12/2022 View(875 KB)
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    Webinar on Type Certification of Wind Turbines 02/12/2022 View(814 KB)
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    Webinar on International Standards on Wind Turbines 11/11/2022 View(792 KB)
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    Webinar on Sustainable Energy 28/10/2022 View(2 MB)
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