Wind Overview

    India’s wind energy sector is led by indigenous wind power industry and has shown consistent progress. The expansion of the wind industry has resulted in a strong ecosystem, project operation capabilities and manufacturing base of about 15000MW per annum. The country currently has the fourth highest wind installed capacity in the world.

    The Government is promoting wind power projects in entire country through private sector investment by providing various fiscal and financial incentives such as Accelerated Depreciation benefit; concessional custom duty exemption on certain components of wind electric generators. Besides, Generation Based Incentive (GBI) Scheme was available for the wind projects commissioned before 31 March 2017.

    In addition to fiscal and other incentives as stated above, following steps also have been taken to promote installation of wind capacity in the country:

    • Declaration of trajectory for Wind Renewable Purchase Obligation (Wind RPO)(2 MB, PDF) up to the year 2030,
    • Waiver of Inter State Transmission System (ISTS) charges for inter-State sale of solar and wind power for projects to be commissioned by 30th June 2025,
    • Issued Guidelines for Tariff Based Competitive Bidding Process for Procurement of Power from Grid Connected Wind Power Projects with an objective to provide a framework for procurement of wind power through a transparent process of bidding including standardization of the process and defining of roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders. These Guidelines aim to enable the Distribution Licensees to procure wind power at competitive rates in a cost effective manner.
    • Technical support including wind resource assessment and identification of potential sites through the National Institute of Wind Energy, Chennai.

    Potential of Wind Energy in India

    Wind is an intermittent and site-specific resource of energy and therefore, an extensive Wind Resource Assessment is essential for the selection of potential sites. The Government, through National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE), has installed over 900 wind-monitoring stations all over country and issued wind potential maps at 50m, 80m, 100m, 120m and 150m above ground level. The recent assessment indicates a gross wind power potential of 695.50 at 120 meter and 1163.9 GW at 150 meter above ground level. Most of this potential exists in eight windy States as given below:-

    SI. No State Wind Potential at 120 m (GW) Wind Potential at 150 m (GW)
    1 Andhra Pradesh 74.90 123.3
    2 Gujarat 142.56 180.8
    3 Karnataka 124.15 169.3
    4 Madhya Pradesh 15.40 55.4
    5 Maharashtra 98.21 173.9
    6 Rajasthan 127.75 284.2
    7 Tamil Nadu 68.75 95.1
    8 Telangana 24.83 54.7
    Total 8 windy states 676.55 1136.7
    9 Others 18.95 27.1
    Total 695.50 1163.9