SUCCESS STORIES-Ms Sumitra Devi

    Ms Sumitra Devi

    Inspiring Story of Smt. Sumitra Devi a beneficiary of PM KUSUM Scheme

    Sumitra Devi from the Mehandragarh district of Haryana has got a 10 HP Solar pump installed for irrigation of a 5 acre land in Bhagadhana village. She uses it for the cultivation of various crops such as millets, pulses etc.

    The pump has been commissioned under component-‘B’ of PM-KUSUM. Central government has provided 30% subsidy and the Haryana government has provided 45% of the subsidy and the rest is borne by the beneficiary.

    Sumitra Devi says, “As the running cost of diesel pump is very high, I used to cultivate only one crop. Then I got to know of the PM KUSUM scheme through newspaper wherein the government is providing 75% subsidy for installation of pumps. I applied for it and got a 10 AC HP submersible pump installed in my farm. Now I can cultivate more than one crop and irrigate the fields in the daytime. Besides, there is no cost of running and the maintenance cost of the solar pump is negligible. I am very satisfied with the installation of the pump.”