Research & Development Overview


    Research, design, development and technology demonstration for its validation are one of the core requirements for the growth of New & Renewable Energy. Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) supports research, design, technology development and demonstration for renewable energy to develop new and renewable energy technologies, processes, materials, components, sub-systems, products & services, standards and resource assessment so as to indigenously manufacture new and renewable energy systems and devices. The objective of the programme is to make the industry globally competitive and renewable energy generation supply, self-sustainable/profitable and thereby contribute to increase share in total energy mix in the country.

    R&D Projects received from R&D institutions /universities, industries and NGO’s etc. in the field of solar, wind, solar-wind hybrid, storage, small hydro power, biogas, hydrogen and fuel cells, geothermal, etc. are considered by the Ministry for financial support.

    Policy and Guidelines

    A comprehensive policy framework on Renewable Energy Research and Technology Development Programme is in place to support R&D in new and renewable energy sector, including associating and supporting R&D earned out by industry for market development. Ministry provides up to 100% financial support to Government/non-profit research organizations/NGOs and up to 50 to 70% to industry.

    The policy framework provides guidelines for project identification, formulation, monitoring, appraisal, approval, and financial support. The R&D projects received from R&D/academic institutions, industries, etc. are evaluated through subject experts. The qualifying projects are appraised by R&D Project Appraisal Committees. The projects recommended by the committees are sanctioned to prospective implementing agencies. The projects are monitored by Monitoring Committees. Projects on completion are reviewed in Project Appraisal Committee Meetings for their achievements.

    RD&D Focus

    The RD&D efforts are continued with emphasis on cost reduction, reliability and efficiency improvement of renewable energy systems, components, and BOS. The project in accordance with the R&D thrust area of the ministry in solar thermal, SPV, biogas, wind, wind-hybrid, storage, small Hydro Power, hydrogen, and fuel cells, geothermal, etc. are supported for RD&D Activity. The projects in other areas not covered under the R&D thrust areas are also considered for financial support based on their applications and practical importance.

    Institutional Mechanism

    The Ministry is supporting creation of enabling conditions for institutional mechanism for collaboration for faster development and demonstration of technology for commercialization. The Ministry has taken initiatives strengthening its institutions, namely, National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE), Gurugram, National Institute of Bio-Energy (NIBE), Kapurthala and National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE), Chennai with their functions for pursuing RD&D, testing, standardization and certification in solar, bioenergy and wind energy systems, respectively. These initiatives envisage supporting projects in consortia including industry for technology development on cost sharing basis by partner ministries/departments/industries.