Renewable Energy Chair

    The renewable energy chairs have been conceived with a view to create technical Focal Points for renewable energy education/technology development in the institutions of national repute and eminence. To facilitate long term sustenance of the chairs, a total grant of Rs.1.5 crore will be provided i.e (i) One time support for establishment of chair – Rs. 1.00 crore as seed money (ii) Support based on performance/outcome of RE chair – Rs.50 lakh in 5 years (Rs.10 lakh after submitting the details of the RE chair candidate selected by the Institute to MNRE and Rs.10 lakh each year for next 4 years on receipt of annual RE promotional activity report including the Statement of Expenditure (SoE). The chair will in addition to acting as focal point for RE education, may look into aspects like technology development, preparation of course curriculum, policy framework aspects of renewable energy etc.

    The guidelines for Renwable Energy Chair( 108kb, PDF)