HRD Overview

    A systematic manpower development effort in the Ministry was started in 1999-2000 for project planning, system design, product development, operation, maintenance and repair of deployed systems for the first time by way of introducing a scheme for renewable energy training with provision for organizing short duration training and skill development programmes.

    Under short term training programmes of HRD scheme, Skill Development Programmes namely Suryamitra , Varunmitra, Vayumitra and Jalurjamitra were launched to train workforce for installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of renewable energy projects.

    Training of professionals working in the Ministry and its attached offices and autonomous bodies at specialized institutions and Training of the manpower working on various aspect of renewable energy.

    In order to gravitate students and professionals in the field of renewable energy and also to prepare manpower through universities/technical institutions ready to work on various aspects of renewable energy, A National Renewable Energy Fellowship Scheme was also instituted during 1999 – 2000. The fellowship scheme supports more universities/institutions and also R&D institutions, to conduct research on all aspects of renewable energy. This way the R&D programmes will not be limited only to a few technology institutions rather it will have larger spread across the country.

    HRD programme also addresses the curriculum needs of technical institutions to cover renewable energy, through development of training modules including pedagogy, model curricula through expert(s)/expert institutions(s) for inclusion in the ITIs, diploma and degree courses.