Biogas Programme


    • Setting up of biogas plants for clean cooking fuel, lighting, meeting thermal and small power needs of users which results in GHG reduction, improved sanitation, women empowerment and creation of rural employment
    • For production of Organic enriched Bio-manure: The digested slurry from biogas plants, a rich source of manure, shall benefit farmers in supplementing / reducing of use of chemical fertilizers
    • To promote biogas based Decentralized Renewable Energy Sources of power generation (Off-Grid), in the capacity range of 3 kW to 250 kW or thermal energy for heating/ cooling applications from the biogas generation produced from Biogas plants above 25 M3 to 2500 M3 size


    2021-22 to 2025-26

    Salient Features

    • Allocation of Annual Targets by the MNRE for installation of small biogas plants to all State Implementing Agencies under Biogas Propgramme with the starting of Financial Year
    • Release of funds on quarterly basis for annual allocated targets to the designated SND, PIAs i.e. State Rural Development Departments/ State Nodal Agencies and KVIC, Mumbai for small Biogas plants, on reimbursement mode
    • Increased CFA support for NER States, hilly States, SC and ST Category beneficiaries of small Biogas Plants.
    • Provision of an additional Subsidy for cattle dung-based biogas plants if linked with sanitary toilets, only for individual households and biogas slurry filter unit (Rs. 1600/- Per Biogas Plant)
    • Additional incentive of ₹10,000/- per Biogas based Generator set / Biogas engine water Pumping System (BPS) for meeting small farm power needs and water pumping from the biogas plant of 10 to 25 M3
    • Provisions of 100% Physical Verification and Sample Village-wise biogas plant Monitoring mechanism.
    • Special Incentives of 20 % additional subsidy for medium sized biogas plants in NER, Island, Registered Gaushalas, SC/ST category beneficiary
    • Across the country 8 number of Biogas Development and Training Centres (BDTCs) are providing technical and trainings, Field Inspections and information & publicity assistance to the State Programme Implementing Agencies
    • Various types of training courses such as Construction-cum-Maintenance, Refresher Training Courses, Users’ Courses, Biogas Turn-Key Workers Course, Staff Training Courses and Skill Development Courses have been designed for imparting knowledge and skill development, create a cadre of biogas masons and technicians skilled in the construction, installation commissioning and maintenance of approved models of biogas plants under the scheme
    • Different types of Biogas Plant Models available such as (i) Deenbandhu fixed dome model (ii) KVIC’s Floating Dome Design; and (iii) Prefabricated Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) digester with KVIC floating drum (iv) Flexi Bag Type Biogas plants
    • For Motivation and appreciation by MNRE to SRDDs & State Office of KVIC for overall performance and achieving highest annual targets allocated under the Scheme

    CFA Pattern

    The details of Central Financial Assistance (CFA) for different components under this programme is as follows:

    • For small biogas plants (1-25 cubic meter/day plant capacity): Rs. 9800/- to Rs. 70,400/- per plant based on size of the plant in cubic meter
    • For Power generation and thermal application (25 – 2500 cubic meter/day plant capacity): Rs. 35,000/- to Rs. 45,000/- per kilowatt for power generation and Rs. 17,500 /- to Rs. 22,500/- per kilowatt equivalent for thermal applications (25 – 2500 cubic meter/day plant capacity) (The eligible CFA would be 20% higher than Standard CFA in for NER, Island, Registered Gaushalas and SC/ST beneficiaries)


    How to avail the financial assistance

    The CFA can be availed on reimbursement basis after successful construction and commissioning of the project in all respect. The Central Financial Assistance shall be released to the beneficiary’s Bank account.

    Whom to contact

    • Interested users / beneficiary should register their interest and apply online in Biogas Portal ( for small and medium sized biogas plants
    • For Biogas Plants of size above 25 m3 to 2500 m3, the proposals are to be submitted in the Biogas Portal through the designated States Programme Implementing Agencies as per the scheme for Administrative Sanction of the MNRE. The Scheme is being implemented by Agriculture and Rural Development Departments of the States and Dairy Cooperatives
    • The programme is being implemented by the Agriculture and Rural Development Departments of the States and Dairy Cooperatives, State Renewable Energy Agencies (SNAs), Biogas Development and Training Centres (BDTCs), Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) and National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) in States

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