Wte Schemes

  • The objective of the programme is to support the setting up of Waste to Energy projects for generation of Biogas/ BioCNG/ Power/ producer or syngas from urban, industrial and agricultural wastes/residues.
Period FY 2021-22 upto FY 2025-26
Salient Features
  • The programme provides Central Financial Assistance (CFA) to project developers and service charges to implementing/inspection agencies in respect of successful commissioning of Waste to Energy plants for generation of Biogas, Bio-CNG/enriched Biogas/Compressed Biogas, Power/ generation of producer or syngas.
  • Financial assistance available under the Programme for setting up Waste to Energy plant is as follows:
    • BioCNG/Enriched Biogas/ Compressed Bio Gas-
      • a) Rs 4.0 Cr per 4800 kg/day (for BioCNG generation from new biogas plant)
      • b) Rs 3.0 Cr per 4800 kg/day (for BioCNG generation from existing Biogas plant*)
      • (Maximum CFA of Rs. 10.0 Cr/project for both cases.)
      • Power (based on Biogas):
        • a) Rs 0.75 Cr/MW (for power generation from new biogas plant)
        • b) Rs 0.5 Cr /MW (for power generation from existing Biogas plant)
        • (Maximum CFA of Rs. 5.0 Cr/project for both cases)
        • Power based on bio & agro-industrial waste (other than MSW through incineration process): Rs 0.4 Cr/MW (maximum CFA of Rs. 5.0 Cr/project)
        • Biomass Gasifier for electricity/thermal applications:
          • a) Rs. 2,500 per kWe with dual fuel engines for electrical application
          • b) Rs. 15,000 per kWe with 100% gas engines for electrical application
          • c) Rs. 2 lakh per 300 kWth for thermal applications.
          • The eligible CFA would be 20% higher for plants set up in Special Category States/UTs (NE Region, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh , Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh, Lakshadweep and Andaman & Nicobar Islands), and Biomethanation plants set up in registered Gaushala/Shelter.
          • Service charge @1% of total CFA (minimum of Rs 50,000/-) would be provided for both Implementing Agency and Inspection Agency.
          • Application to be accepted through online portal only.
          • Projects with loan from Bank/FI, and Self-financed projects are considered.
          • Recommendation of PAC will be mandatory only for self-financed projects.
          • SCADA System/remote monitoring system has been mandated for WTE projects except in the case of Biomass Gasifiers.
          • The amount of CFA to be disbursed for the WTE projects will be calculated based on the performance the projects.
          • Provision of providing advance CFA for bank financed BioCNG projects under SATAT Initiative has been included.
          • IREDA has been designated as the Implementing Agency.
        How to avail the financial assistance The proposal for grant of “In-Principle” approval of CFA will be accepted through BioURJA Portal (https://biourja.mnre.gov.in) before commissioning of the WTE plant.

        For projects with debt/loans from FIs/Banks, the Ministry shall issue an “In-Principle” approval with the concurrence of IFD and approval of Secretary, MNRE.

        For projects without debt/loan or projects the Implementation Agency shall examine and put up the applications to Project Appraisal Committee (PAC) following which the Ministry shall issue an “In-Principle” approval with the concurrence of IFD and approval of Secretary, MNRE.

        • The time period for commissioning is 24 months for WTE plants and 12 months for Biomass Gasifiers from the date of “In-Principle” approval.

        • CFA to be awarded for Waste to Energy plants, based on the performance of the project for at least three consecutive months, may be seen below-

        Average PLF achieved during minimum 3 consecutive months

        % of eligible CFA



        ≥ 60% and < 80%


        ≥ 50% and < 60%




        The condition of successful commissioning for Biomass gasifier would imply operation of the Gasifier for atleast 3 consecutive months, including continuous operation for at least 3 consecutive days at an average PLF of 60% of rated capacity (taking 12 Hrs per day as standard operating hours).
        Whom to contact Director, Waste to Energy Division (Sh. Aseem Kumar, Director)
        Relevant Document

        ·      Existing Scheme-

          1. Administrative Approval for implementation of Waste to Energy Programme under the Umbrella Scheme of National Bioenergy Programme for duration of FY 2021-22 to 2025-26(Phase-1)

        ·      Old/Expired Scheme-

        1. REVISED GUIDELINES OF WASTE-TO-ENERGY PROGRAMME  (Programme on Energy from Urban, Industrial, Agricultural Wastes/ Residues and Municipal Solid Waste)(28-02-2020)