ASEAN-India Workshop on
Co-operation in  Renewable Energy
Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi 

                                                         5-6 November, 2012,Presentations                                                           

5th November 2012 

11.30-11.50 pm

Renewable Energy Development in India 

Dr. P.Saxena
Director, MNRE

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Wind Power

11.50-12.05 pm

Global Technology Trends in Wind Power: R&D & Commercial  

Mr. Rajshekhar Budhavarapu, Chief Technology  OfficerILFS, Gurgaon

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12.05-12.20 pm

Wind Power Technology in India


Secretary General
Indian Wind Turbine Manf. Assocn.

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12.20-12.35 pm

Wind Energy Development in Philippines

Loreto C. Carasi

Senior Science Research Specialist, Philippines

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5th November 2012

2.00- 3.30 pm

Session-II – Trends in Renewable Energy Technologies / Technology Transfer in Solar  Power

Moderators : Dr. B.Bandyopadhyay, Advisor,MNRE , India

                      Dr.Thomas Reindl, Cluster Director, SERIS, Singapore




2.00-2.10 pm

Global Technology Trends in Solar Photovoltaic Power: R&D & Commercial

Dr. B.Bhargava

Expert, SPV

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2.10-2.20 pm

SPV Power Technology in India 

 Dr. Satyendra, Lanco

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2.20-2.30 pm

SPV Power Technology  in India

Mr. A.K.Jain, MD, REIL

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2.30-2.40 pm

Solar Thermal  Power Global Status

Dr. Ashvini Kumar, Director, MNRE

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2.40-2.50 pm

Solar Thermal Industry in India - Developers Perspective


Chief Executive Officer Godavari Green Energy Ltd.

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2.50-3.00 pm

Solar PV Market Development under feed - in Tariff Mechanism in Malaysia

Gladys Mak

Director, Feed-in Tariff Division, Sustainable Energy Development Authority, Malaysia

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3.00-3.30 pm

Current issue in large scale Solar PV System deployment

Dr.Thomas Reindl, Cluster Director, SERIS, Singapore

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4.00-5.30 pm

Session-III – Trends in Renewable Energy Technologies / Technology Transfer in Bio-Energy
Moderators :
Dr. N.P.Singh, Advisor, MNRE , India
Mr. Cheng Guan Lim, Energy Dept. PMO,   Brunei Darussalam


4.00-4.15 pm

Global Technology Trends in Bio-Mass Power :  R&D & Commercial

Dr. S. Dassappa,
IISc. Bangalore

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4.15-4.30 pm

Biomass Cogeneration Technology in India


Mr. S. C.Natu,
Sr. Vice-President,(Power) MITCON India, Pune

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4.30-4.45 pm

Biomass Combustion and Gasification Technology in India  

Dr. B.C.Jain,

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4.45-5.00 pm

Development of Bio-gas and Bio-fuels in India  

Mr. A.K.Dhussa,
Director, MNRE

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5.00-5.15 pm

Thailand : Move on Bio-fuels

Mr. Khumthom Nawalertpanya, Dept. of Alternative EnergyDevelopment and Efficiency,  Thailand         

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6th November 2012            


Session-IV – Resource Assessment Techniques

Moderators :  Dr. S.Gomathinayagam , Executive Director, C-WET, Mr. Marlina Pandin, S.T, Ministry of Energy, Indonesia                    

10.00-10.15 am

Wind resource Assessment techniques

Dr. S.Gomathinayagam Executive Director, C-WET

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10.15-10.30 am

Solar resource mapping techniques

 Dr. G.Giridhar, SEC, MNRE

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10.30-10.45 am

Biomass resource mapping techniques

Dr. Rajan, IISc, Bangalore

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10.45-11.00 am

Small Hydro resource Assessment

Dr.Arun Kumar AHEC, IIT, Roorkee

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11.00-11.15 am

Solar Resource Assessment - short and log term predictions

Dr.Thomas Reindl, Cluster Director, SERIS, Singapore

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11.15-11.30 am

Development of Indonesia's GIS based  Renewable Energy Resources Map

Mr. Marlina Pandin, S.T, Ministry of Energy, Indonesia    

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12.00- 1.00 pm

Session-V  Renewable Powered Micro- grids for Rural Electrification and development - International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Abu Dhabi
Moderator : Dr. N.P.Singh, Advisor, MNRE , India                    

12.00- 12.15 pm

Empowering India Renewable Energy for Rural Electrification

Rohit Kansal,
Director, MNRE

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12.15 – 12.30 pm

Co-operation in Rural electrification in Renewable Energy

Engr.Ricardo G. Dela Cruz, OIC, Supervising Science Research Specialist,Philippines

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12.30-1.00 pm

Biogas Project from Livestock Wastes in Thailand

Wongkot Wongsapai

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2.00-2.15 pm

Off Grid RE applications for Energy Access

Dr. A. Raza, Director, MNRE

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2.30-2.45 pm

Micro hydel and Watermills for off-grid power

Mr. Yogeshwar Kumar, Jansamarth, New Delhi

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2.45-3.00 pm

Biomass gasifier Based Village Electrification Opportunities

Dr. D.K.Khare, Director, MNRE

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3.00-3.15 pm

Using Renewable Energy for Driving Developent in Ladakh

Mr. Jigmat Takpa,LREDA

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4.00-4.15 pm

ASEAN India S&T Development Fund

Dr. Anjan Das, CEO, GITA

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