Technology Development and Manufacturing Base for Wind Power

The Wind Turbine Generator technology has evolved and state-of-the-art technologies are available in the country for the manufacture of wind turbines. Around 70-80% indigenisation has been achieved with strong domestic manufacturing in the wind sector. All the major global players in this field have their presence in the country with more than 14 different companies, through (i) joint ventures under licensed production (ii) subsidiaries of foreign companies, and (iii) Indian companies with their own technology. The unit size of machines has gone up to 3.6 MW. The current annual production capacity of domestic wind turbines is about 12000 MW.  

Revised List of Models & Manufacturers (RLMM)

The Revised List of Models & Manufacturers is the list of type and quality certified wind turbine models eligible for installation in the country in order to facilitate SNAs, investors, lenders and developers. This list is based on the provision of type certification and quality assurance of wind turbines in India as per Guidelines for Development of Onshore Wind Power Projects issued by this Ministry vide F. No. 66/183/2016-WE dated 22 October 2016. As per the said guidelines, type and quality certification by an Internationally Accredited Certification Body shall be a mandatory requirement for manufacturers of wind turbines and components and the both certifications should mandatorily include Hub and Nacelle assembly/manufacturing facility in India.

Concessional Custom Duty Certificates (CCDCs)

In order to encourage the manufacturing of Wind Turbine Generators(WTG) in India, Government is providing financial incentive in the form of Concessional Custom Duty Exemption on some of the critical components required to be imported for manufacturing of WTG.

Ministry of Finance vide its  Notification No. 02/2023-Customs dated 01.02.2023 has provided the concessional custom duty  benefit till 31.03.2025 . Wind Turbine Generators/ Models which are included in the RLMM list of MNRE for OEM and component

Manufacturers, whose Bill of Material (indicating the drawing no, quantity required and supplier for the part/ raw materials) is accepted by the Ministry, are only eligible for Concessional Custom Duty Certificates (CCDCs).

The procedure for availing CCDC is given as under.

Application Procedure:

     The applicants are required to submit the application online in the prescribed format for availing concessional customs duty certificate at the online portal address prescribed format.

2.     The following documents are required to be submitted/uploaded along with the application:-

a)  Commercial invoice issued by the supplier in the name of importer.

b)  Bill of lading

c)  Packaging List

d)  IEC & ISO Certificate

e)  Undertaking(s) in Annexure A and Annexure B.

f)    Break-up of purchase made against the purchase orders made so far.

g)    Running utilization report with each application in prescribed format

h)    Quarterly utilization report at the end of each quarter in prescribed format.

i)    Manufacturing plan for the applicable Financial Year in prescribed format.

3.     The application for availing CCDC with requisite documents is processed and scrutinised for issuance of CCDC.

4.     The time frame for issuance of CCDC after receipt of application complete in all respect along with requisite documents is 9 days for consignment through sea route and 3 days for Air route.

The online portal for submission of application has been developed and may be visited at

Wind Turbine Models included in the RLMM after declaration of new procedure (i.e 1 November 2018)(Posted on 22.03.2023)

Objective of the Repowering Policy is to promote optimum utilisation of wind energy resources by creating facilitative framework for repowering.

Application procedure for availing CCDC for manufacturing of Wind Turbine Generator & prescribed format.

All wind turbine manufacturers are requested to submit status report of production, sale, commissioned and exported numbers of their wind turbines model(s) to the undersigned in the following format. The report for each quarter may be sent in first week after end of each quarter i.e. report of first quarter by first week of July, for second quarter by first week of October, third quarter by first week of January and for last quarter by first week of April

Central Electricity Authority (Technical Standards for connectivity to the Grid) Amendment Regulations, 2013 dated 15th October, 2013.

Description of exempt goods