Support Programmes

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Information and Public Awareness Programme

The objective of “Information & Public Awareness Programme” is to disseminate information on new and renewable sources of energy (NRSE) systems/devices through variety of media like electronic, print & exhibition as well as outdoor media, thereby popularizing and creating awareness about such systems and devices. It also brings to the fore benefits, technological developments and promotional activities taking place in the renewable energy arena from time to time. The role of Information and Public Awareness Programme for inculcating the importance of renewable energy amongst masses has been assuming increasing significance in recent times. The Programme is implemented mainly through State Nodal Agencies, Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publicity (DAVP), Doordarshan, All India Radio (AIR), and Department of Posts, etc.

Special Area Demonstration Project Programme

The Special Area Demonstration Project Scheme of the Ministry has been introduced with the objective of demonstrating application of various renewable energy systems in a project mode at places of national and international importance including world heritage sites, heritage monuments, religious locations and places of public interest to create greater awareness of renewable and to supplement the energy requirement at such locations

Human Resources Development Programme

Ministry has been implementing a comprehensive Human Resource Development Programme with the objective of institutionalizing the renewable energy education and training in the country with the following overall goals:

  1. To update the professionals working in the field of renewable energy on technological, economical and social issues and management of the science and technology and public administration through infusion of scientific temper and accountability;
  2. To infuse commitment towards building of partnership and participatory decision-making;
  3. To be responsive to the challenge of changing framework needs in policy, institutional, legal, trade, IPR, knowledge management, organizational and technological development;
  4. To strive for improving performance and efficiency of renewable energy systems and devices to make them cost competitive;
  5. To provide adequate knowledge of the technical issues that are essential to help executives in Government, banking and financial sector with non-technical background about renewable energy;
  6. To bring about attitudinal changes among the renewable energy professionals and those working in the mainstream power sector to enhance the use of renewable energy for energy security of the country; and
  7. To act as a facilitator for improving the skill sets of professionals and executives in the renewable energy industry and also in research and development institutions.

Planning & coordination

The Planning and Co-ordination Division is responsible for overall planning and budgeting plans schemes/programmes of the Ministry and matters related to Reforms, Policy measures, Fiscal concessions, etc. Its work involves maintaining a close liaison with different Programme Divisions of the Ministry and with other concerned Ministries/Departments/States, State Nodal Agencies, etc. on a regular basis.

Seminar & Symposia

The Ministry provides support to universities, academic institutions/colleges, non-governmental organizations, Government Departments, etc. for organizing workshops, seminars, conferences to provide a forum for professionals, students, policy-makers, managers, economists, industry representatives, etc., to interact and share their views on identified thrust areas related to renewable or any other emerging area impinging on technology, innovation in regard to renewables.

Technology Information Forecasting, Assessment & Databank(TIFAD)

Technology Information Forecasting, Assessment and Data Bank (TIFAD) have got a vast potential in terms of establishment of a dynamic mechanism for creation of databank on information for state-of-the-art technology through technology forecasting and assessment.

This can be achieved by way of creation of facilities for utilization of Information Technology Tools at the MNRE Headquarters, State Nodal Agencies, Technology Institutions, manufacturers, NGOs and other organizations in the country and utilization of Internet to access global database in the area of renewable energy.

TIFAD: Objectives

  • Creation of Computerization and Information Technology (IT) facilities for the Ministry Headquarters, its Regional Offices and the Solar Energy Centre.
  • Creation of facilities for internet/intranet access and establishing linkages with the Technology Institutions/Technology Providers in the area of renewable energy nationally and globally through VSAT systems, Modems and other IT tools.
  • Creation and Updation of Databases/Databanks and establishment of the Technology Information System in the area of renewable energy in the country.
  • Involving as well as providing guidelines and financial support to nodal agencies, industries, technology institutions, Consultants and Non-Governmental Organisations, involved in the area of renewable energy in the country, for creation of IT facilities, Databanks and maintaining minimum standards.
  • Creation of facilities and development of Software for establishment of Management Information System (MIS) and computerised on-line electronic monitoring of projects and programmes in the area of renewable energy in the country.
  • Taking up  activities on Patents and Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment in the area of renewable energy.

TIFAD: Achievement

100% Computerization has been achieved. 250  nos. of computer based workstations have been created for providing computerization facility at the Ministry’s Headquarters, its 9 Regional Offices and Solar Energy Centre.

Local Area Network (LAN) has been established in the two building of the Ministry’s Headquarters for providing connectivity to various Computers installed in the Ministry.  In order to provide connectivity   between the Computers installed in the two buildings and fast data communication, LANs set up in these  buildings of the Ministry have been  integrated through laying of Fiber Optics Cable.

E-mail and Internet facility have been extended to all the Officers at the Ministry’s Headquarters. E-mail facility has also been provided to the 9 Regional Offices and the Solar Energy Centre.

All the Officers and officials of the Ministry’s Headquarters, its Regional Offices and the Solar energy Centre have been provided training in the use of computers through NIC and other professional organizations.

Specialized Training Programmes on Basic Concepts of Data Management and Networking Services & Applications is being organized at NIC for all the Officers of MNRE, its Regional Offices and Solar Energy Centre.

The MNRE has already prepared its Web-site in English as well as in Hindi through its in-house efforts.  The MNRE Web-site gives a comprehensive picture of the development  and utilization of renewable energy sources in India. 

The Ministry has started Information and Facilitation Centre with Computer facility at its Headquarters for an easy access to various types of information by the visitors coming to this Ministry.