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Solar Rooftop Installation Online Portal


SCHEME DOCUMENTS Grid Connected Solar Rooftop and small solar power plant  Scheme (Posted on 27.06.2014)

Continuation of "Off-Grid & Decentralized Solar Application" Scheme (Posted on 26.05.2014)

Notification for Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants Programme (Posted 08.03.2016)

Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants Programme - Scaling up of budget from Rs. 600 crore during the 12th Five Year Plan to Rs.5OOO crore for implementation over a period of five years upto 2019-20 under National Solar Mission (NSM) - 2nd amendment regarding. (Posted on 27.10.2016)

Revised Ministry/Department wise allocation of expert PSU's for implementation of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar plants (Updated on 30.11.2016)

Subsidy Notice

OM - New Benchmark cost of Off-grid Solar PV Systems and Rooftop Solar Plants for the Year 2018-19 -reg.(Posted on 20.04.2018) 

Clarification on eligibility of CFA for rooftop solar plants (with or without net metering/gross metering facility) and for declaring commissioned plant capacity w.r.t installed inverter capacity. (Posted on 29.08.2017)

Installation of Rooftop Solar Projects in Govt./ PSU sector - Clarifications (Posted on 20.12.2016)

Clarification about Societies act under Grid Connected Roof-Top Programme for eligibility of CFA. (Posted on 29.11.2016)

Clarification on eligibility of CFA for Grid Tied (Without net metering facility). (Posted on 23.11.2016)

Grid Tied Inverter Manufacture, Integrators & Suppliers (Posted on 14.01.2015)

Guide  Lines

Guidelines for smooth implementation of grid connected solar rooftop projects by SNAs/ Discoms (09.09.2016

Operational Guidelines for Channel Partners/ New Entrepreneurs for Grid Connected Solar Roof- Top Programme. (Posted on 19.09.2015)

Revision of guidelines for empanelment of Channel Partners under grid connected Rooftop Solar Program. (Posted on 01.08.2017)

Achievement-linked -Incentive/Awards Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants Programme - National Solar Mission - Notification for 'Achievement-Linked Incentive Awards' (Posted 05.05.2016)
5-50 kW
50 KW- 500 kW
"SPIN" e-Governance initiative of MNRE Link of SPIN website
Solar Rooftop Calculator
Solar Rooftop Installation form for Private and Government
CEA Regulation Installation and Operation of Meters (Posted on 16.07.2014)
Technical Standards for Connectivity (Posted on 11.07.2014)
Installation and Operation of Meters Amendment Regulations (Posted on 01.01.2015)
SARAL SARAL State Rooftop Solar Attractiveness Index(Posted on (02.09.2019)
CERC Draft Modal Regulation (Posted on 11.07.2014)
State Policy and Tariff orders Grid Connected Solar Rooftop - States Policies and SERCs Regulatory/ Tariff Order
Compendium of Policies, Regulations, Technical Standards & Financing norms for Solar Power Projects (Posted on 10.06.2016)
Status Achievement (As on 29.02.2016)
Sanction Issues (Till 21.05.2015)
Channel Partners
MoM of meeting with Channel Partners (on 16.04.2015)
Notification for Government Department and Agencies
List of Rating Agencies (Posted on 08.10.2015)

Concerns/Issues raised by the participants in Channel Partners Conclave dated 09.11.2016 (Posted 25.11.2016)

Details of complaints received against channel partners of Roof top programme (Posted on 02.08.2017)

Discontinuation of Empanelment of Channel Partners under Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants. (Posted 24.11.2017) 

Financial Institution MoM for financing of rooftop (Posted on 27.02.2015)
RBI Notification for priority sector lending (Posted on 01.05.2015)
IREDA Loan Scheme
Public Sector Banks for Providing Loans on Rooftop Solar PV Systems (Posted on 04.12.2014) (Updated on 05.11.2015)

Technical Manual for Banks & FIs on Grid-Connected Rooftop Solar PV (Posted on 30.12.2015)

Evaluation of loan application for grid-connected solar rooftop projects: Checklist (Posted on 18.12.2015)
"Grid Connected Rooftop Solar PV Program - Environment and Social Systems Assessment - Executive Summary" (Posted on 09.02.2016)
PNB Scheme for Financing Rooftop PV Solar Power Projects (Posted on 01.09.2017) 
Letters to SNA / CP / Government Departments/ Private Entities Allocation of Target to SECI- 750 MW + 500 MW (Posted on 03.03.2015)
Letter to all Government departments for Installation of Grid Connected Solar Rooftop (Posted on 10.08.2015)
Letter to Secretary (Renewable Energy), All State Government/UTs, Heads of all State Nodal Agencies (SNAs) for installation of Solar Rooftop through State Nodal Agencies (SNAs) (Posted on 28.12.2015)
Letters to SNA/Govt. Departments/Private Entities (Posted on 17.03.2016)
Geo-tagging of Grid Connected Solar Rooftop projects (Posted on 02.09.2016)
Agenda Note for National Review Meeting of State Principal Secretaries and State Nodal Agencies of Renewable Energy on 23rd and 24th January 2017-New Delhi (Posted on 09.01.2017) 

Notification on Benchmark cost of Grid connected rooftop solar power plants for year 2019-20(Posted on 17.07.2019)

Information Notice to Implementing Agencies (Posted on 28.05.2015)

Important Notice to all Channel Partners / New Entrepreneurs (Posted 28.09.2016)

Submission of PCR by De-Empanelled Agencies - All Implementing Agencies Solar Rooftop systems. (Posted on 21.08.2017)

Clarification on applicability of subsidy for individual residential households for installation of rooftop solar system under Phase–II of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Programme.(304KB pdf)

FAQs Frequently asked Question for Grid Connected Solar Roof-Top Systems (Posted on 12.03.2019)
Presentations For Channel Partners by MNRE (Posted on 20.03.2015)
Business models and opportunities by GIZ (Posted on 20.03.2015)
Meet with Channel Partners/New Entrepreneurs (Posted on 20.03.2015)
Meeting with Secretaries and Heads of nodal agencies on 07.07.2015
Channel Partners meeting on 22.07.2015
National Workshop of Solar Rooftop held on 07-06-2016 New Delhi
Draft 1000 MW Grid Connected Roof Top Solar PV Scheme for Government Buildings under CAPEX and RESCO Models (Posted on 04.08.2016)
Presentations made on the conference of Rooftop held on 20/09/3026 held at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi (Posted on 28.09.2016)
Sanction orders 1364 kWp to CREST (Dated 30.10.2014)
2755.75 kWp to NREDCAP (Dated 22.09.2014)
54 MWp to SNAs (Dated 19.09.2014)
73 MWp to SCI for Warehouses (Dated 19.09.2014)
52 MWp for Multi Government Agency (Dated 19.09.2014)
Tender/Model MoU, PPA and Capex Agreement

Model Memorandum of Understanding, Power Purchase Agreement and CAPEX Agreement for Grid Connected Solar and Small Solar Power Plants. (Posted on 24.11.2016)

Model Tender for implementation of 500 MW Grid Connected Rooftop SPV (Posted on 05.05.2016)

Model Tender Document for Grid connected Rooftop Solar PV (Posted on 21.10.2015)

Video A film on Chandigarh Model Solar City
Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Solar Film (in Hindi)
Books "Reaching the Sun with Rooftop Solar" (Posted on 11.03.2015)
Handbook for Rooftop Solar Development in Asia (Posted on 03.07.2015)
NSM - Best Practices Guide - Implementation of State-Level Solar Rooftop Photovoltaic Programs in India (Posted on 08.06.2016)
Exim Bank Working Paper on International Solar Alliance : Nurturing Possibilities (Posted on 09.06.2016)
Press Release Solar Plant Inaugurated at GCG-11
Loan for Installation of Grid Interactive Rooftop Solar PV Plants
Generate Your Own Power – Install Solar Power Panels on your Rooftop (Posted on 27.07.2015)