Pension Adalat in Ministry of New & Renewable Energy on 23rd August, 2019 from 10.30 AM to 4.00 PM in Conference Room No. 002 (Ground Floor), Block-14, CGO Complex Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110003


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The Ministry has been supporting Research, Design & Development (RD&D) in new and renewable energy since 1982. Considering that the market would largely drive the renewable energy sector, a scheme has been evolved for associating and supporting RD&D carried out by industry. This scheme provides guidelines for project identification, formulation appraisal, approval and financial support. A Research, Design & Development Project Appraisal Committee (RDPAC) has been constituted under the chairmanship of Secretary, MNRE for the purpose of giving guidance to the overall direction of RD&D effort in new and renewable energy. This Committee also elicits RD&D proposals, appraises them, and recommends financial support wherever required.


The need to refocus attention on Research, Design & Development (RD&D) has arisen. The underlying purpose of RD&D effort is to make industry competitive. A comprehensive statistic that measures competitiveness is net foreign exchange earning. Accordingly, RD&D effort is to make the country a net foreign exchange earner in the New and Renewable Energy Sector. In addition, the share of indigenously designed, developed and manufactured new and renewable energy systems/ devices has also to increase and consequently monitored for its eventual growth to a dominant position.