Small Hydro

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The Watermills (WM) and Micro Hydel Projects (MHP) have the potential to meet the power requirements of remote areas in a decentralized manner.

A number of mini/micro hydro projects have been set up in remote and isolated areas, mainly in Himalayan & Western Ghat region. While these projects are developed by various state agencies responsible for renewable energy, the projects are normally maintained by entrepreneurs or by local community’s / Gram Panchayat / tea garden owners’ participation.

It has been estimated that there are more than 1.5 lakh potential water mill sites in the Himalayan regions of India. With the R&D efforts, new and improved designs of water mills have been developed for mechanical as well as electricity generation of 3-5 kW. These designs were tested at AHEC, IIT Roorkee and have been replicated by 6-7 small scale manufacturers. Two Watermill Development centers, One in Uttrakhand and another in northeast, are proposed to be developed in coordination with reputed local NGO’s engaged in training and development of Watermills capacity building programme etc., the AHEC,IIT Roorkee and concern SNAs may also be involved as a technical partner for the center. The Center will also act as monitoring cell of the Watermill and Micro Hydro Project system.

Water  Mill, Uttarakhand


To encourage and accelerate the development of water mills and micro hydel projects in the remote & hilly areas, a scheme for providing Central Financial Assistance (CFA) during 2014-2015 and the remaining period of the 12th Five year Plan for development/upgradation of watermills and setting up of micro hydel projects upto 100 kw capacity to State Government Departments/State Nodal Agencies/Local Bodies/Co-operatives/NGOs/Tea Garden & Individual entrepreneurs  have been circulated vide letter no. 14(03)2014-SHP dated 2nd July 2014 (Annexure –E) .