R&D Formats

Annexure Titlesort descending
cdac cdac12
Annexure XVIII Final Statement of Expenditure (S.O.E.)
Annexure VI General Terms & Conditions of the Grant for R&D/ Technology Development Project
Annexure XV Guidelines/ Instructions for Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Rights
Annexure XIII Performa for Assets acquired wholly or substantially out of Government grants
Annexure XIV Performa for Creation of R&D Projects Database and Snap Technical Audit
Annexure XVI Performa for filling of patents in Renewable Energy Technology
Annexure XX Performa for Information Required for Commercializing Indigenously developed Renewable Energy Technologies
Annexure XIV Performa for Monitoring of R&D/ Technology Development Projects (Project specific preforma may also be developed)
Annexure III Performa for preparation of Expert Comments on R&D/Technology Development Projects