R&D Formats

Annexure Title
cdac cdac12
Annexure I Performa for Submission of New R&D and Technology Development Projects
Annexure II Performa for sending Project Acknowledgement
Annexure III Performa for preparation of Expert Comments on R&D/Technology Development Projects
Annexure IV Performa for preparation of Project Brief for R&D and Technology Development Project Appraisal Committee and other Expert Groups/ Committees
Annexure V Performa for Sanction of R&D and Technology Development Project
Annexure VI General Terms & Conditions of the Grant for R&D/ Technology Development Project
Annexure VII Revision of emoluments and revised guidelines on other service conditions for Research Personnel employed in R&D programmes of the Central Government Departments/ Agencies
Annexure VIII Performa for Request for Release of Subsequent Installment (s) of Sanctioned Cost
Annexure IX Performa for Submission of Progress Report of On-going Projects