Grid Connected Power

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Grid-interactive renewable power projects based on wind power, biomass, small hydro and solar are mainly private investment driven, with favourable tariff policy regimes established by State Electricity Regulatory Commissions (SERC), and almost all-renewable power capacity addition during the year has come through this route.

  • Wind Power:

It aims at generation of competitively priced grid-interactive wind power.  The programme also covers research and development and survey and assessment of wind resources.

  • Bio-power:

Four sets of programmes are being implemented with the aim to generate competitively priced bio power and/or heat from agricultural, agro-industrial residues and plantations and urban & industrial wastes. These are:

  • Biomass power / bagasse cogeneration
  • Non-bagasse cogeneration
  • Biomass gasifier
  • Urban & Industrial wastes
  • Small Hydro Power

Aims to generate competitively priced Small hydro power (upto 25 MW station capacity).

  • Solar Power

Aims to generate competitively priced Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic Power.