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The loans were sanctioned for the establishment of about 90.66 MW of installed capacity of power generation. The loans outstanding in the market are of the order of Rs.1800 crore. IREDA pays special attention for development of women. Towards this, special concessions in its lending terms and conditions are given to women entrepreneurs. Sector-wise break-up of sanctions and disbursements is given below.


MoU with MNES

8.41 Based on the audited figures, the performance of IREDA in achieving the targets set for the year
2005-06, in its Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry, is rated as “Good”. IREDA has signed a MoU with the MNRE for the year 2006-07.

Promotional Efforts

8.42 IREDA continued to sponsor/co-sponsor various types of programmes to promote Renewable Energy Technologies. It has supported 30 Seminars, Workshops, Business Meets and Exhibitions during the period April-December 2006.



8.43 Shri Sunil Khatri, Joint Secretary, continued to function as the Chief Vigilance Officer of the Ministry during 2006-07. The complaints received through PMO, CVC and other sources were given utmost importance and enquiries, where required, were conducted to ensure fair and speedy disposal.

8.44 The Vigilance Awareness Week was observed in the Ministry, Solar Energy Centre and the Regional Offices of the Ministry. To begin with, a ‘Pledge’ was administered to the officials on 6 November 2006. In view of the directions of the Central Vigilance Commission to emphasize customer-oriented programmes, concerned authorities in States / UTs and autonomous bodies were advised on the relevant aspects of ‘Preventive Vigilance’. A lecture on ‘Preventive Vigilance’ was also arranged to sensitise officials and staff of the Ministry.

8.45 While maintaining close coordination with IREDA on vigilance matters, quarterly meetings were held under the Chairmanship of Secretary, MNRE to review vigilance activities of IREDA.

8.46 Prompt observance of various directions issued by CVC, DOP&T, CBI, etc. was ensured.

Women Cell

8.47 The Women’s Cell of the Ministry was set up in 1997. This Cell reviews plans, schemes and progress of various programmes with a view to ensure that all aspects of women’s development are promoted through them, wherever feasible, as per the recommendations contained in the National Perspective Plan for Women.

Grievance Cell

8.48 A Grievance Cell in the Ministry was set up in 1995 with a Director of Grievances. The grievance of the public, staff/officers of MNRE as well as its subordinate offices is redressed by taking appropriate steps.

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