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and commissioned at the Alternate Hydro Energy Centre, IIT Roorkee. Significant progress has been made on deployment of renewable energy systems for income generation activities aimed to raise economic levels in selected villages in a cost-effective manner.

Grant for Biomass for Sustainable Development

8.22 A Japanese grant of US$ 998,700.00 was routed though the World Bank to provide technical assistance for the Village Energy Test Projects.

UNDP/GEF project on “Removal of Barriers to Biomass Energy Generation in India Part-1”:

8.23 The Ministry signed a project document titled “Removal of Barriers to Biomass Energy Generation in India Part-1” with the Department of Economic Affairs and UNDP on 22nd September 2006. The project aims to accelerate the development and deployment of environmentally sustainable selected bio-energy technologies. The estimated cost of the project is placed at US $ 39.15 million of which US $ 5.65 million is proposed as a grant from the Global Environment Facility and US $ 24.82 million as concessional loan from KfW. The project would be implemented in eight states of the country. A Steering Committee and an Executive Committee have been constituted and the project team is in place for implementation of the project.

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) under Kyoto Protocol

8.24 Renewable Energy projects are eligible for CDM benefits under the Kyoto Protocol. Out of a total of 334 CDM projects registered with the Executive Board (cumulatively upto 3.10.2006), 110 projects are from this country. New and Renewable energy project account for around 56% of the projects registered so far from India. During 2006-07 more than 100 NRE projects for accord of host country approval were supported.

International Cooperation

India-EU Energy Panel

8.25 Cooperation initiatives in renewable energy were taken under the India-EU Energy Panel for technological cooperation between India and EU for joint research, design, development, demonstration and manufacture of specific areas of renewable energy technologies/systems. The second meeting of the Working Group, held on 31st January 2007 at Brussels was attended by a representative of MNRE.

Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate (APPCDC)

8.26 The Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate (APPCDC) or AP6, an international non-treaty agreement between Australia, India, China, Japan, South Korea, and the USA, supports cooperation among the member countries in development and deployment of, among other things, new and renewable energy. Cooperation under AP6 in NRE is coordinated by the Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation Task Force (REDGTF). Four project proposals have been forwarded to REDGTF Secretariat for consideration. Besides this, India has joined in 19 NRE projects identified under this cooperation. Secretary, MNRE participated in the 2nd Task Force Meeting held on 15-16 August 2006 at Sydney, Australia.

Indo-US Energy Dialogue

8.27 Cooperation initiatives pertaining to renewable energy under the Working Group on New Technologies and Renewable Energy (WGNTE) established under the Indo-US Energy Dialogue were identified. A US delegation visited MNRE on 4th May 2006 to discuss these activities. As follow up action, a workshop on “Methodology and Techniques for Assessing Wind and Solar Resources” was organized by MNRE on 9-10 November 2006 in New Delhi in which personnel from institutions and industry participated. From the US side, NREL personnel participated. Further, cooperation activities on resource assessment were identified.


8.28 An MNRE delegation visited Mauritius from 4-8 September 2006 for initiating cooperation activity under the existing bilateral MoU. Cooperation in resource assessment and demonstration of wind and solar energy projects was discussed.

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