Probable Questions for Biogas Programme


Question 1 :         What is a biogas plant?

Answer      :         Biogas plant is a unit which converts organic waste matter (living biomass) into useful gaseous fuel (methane and carbon dioxide) and organic fertilizer as byproduct in the form of slurry. The most common feed material in family size biogas plants is cattle dung.


Question 2 :         What is the potential of biogas plants in the country?

Answer      :                  The potential is about 12 million family type biogas plants based

on estimated availability of cattle dung in the country.


Question 3 :         What is the Biogas Programme of the Ministry.?

Answer     :                    The Ministry is implementing a National Biogas and Manure          

Management Programme (NBMMP), for setting up of family type biogas plants, since 1981-82.


Question 4 :         How many family type biogas plant have been setup so far in the country.

Answer     :          A total of 4.31 million family type biogas plants have been setup

in the country.


Question 5 :         Who are implementing agencies for biogas programme?

Answer     :          State nodal departments and agencies are implementing the

National Biogas and Manure Management Programme besides, Khadi and Village Industries Commission, Mumbai is also implementing the programme country-wise through its States’ offices.  

Question 6 :         What are the financial incentives available under the biogas


Answer     :          The Government is giving:-

(i)                Central subsidy;

(ii)             Turn-key job fee linked with five years’ free maintenance   


(iii)           Financial Support upto 50% of the applicable CFA, subject to sharing of 50% of the cost of repair by the beneficiary concerned for repair of old non-functional plants of more than 5 years;

(iv)           Training of users, masons and entrepreneurs;

(v)             Administrative charges to State Government Departments and agencies implementing the programme;

(vi)           Regional level Biogas Development and Training Centres;

(vii)        Publicity, Communication/ Extension.


Question 7 :         How much subsidy is given for biogas plants?

Answer     :          The Central subsidy is given in fixed amounts for different

categories of areas/ States/ Regions. It varies from Rs. 4000/- to Rs. 8000/- per plant for general category  States & Rs. 14,700/- per plant for North Eastern Regions States including Sikkim except plain areas of Assam.


Question 8 :         What is the cost of biogas plant?

Answer     :          The cost of biogas plant varies from place to place and size of the plant. Average cost of 2 cubic meter size biogas plant is about Rs. 17,000/- . It is generally high about 30 per cent more in hilly areas and about 50 per cent more in North Eastern Region States.


Question 9 :         How is biogas programme monitored?

Answer     :          A three-tier monitoring mechanism is used:

(i)                States nodal department and agencies are sending monthly progress reports and quarterly reports on physical verification of biogas plants.

(ii)             The second-tier is sample inspection Biogas Development Training Centres.

(iii)           Evaluation study is also being conducted by independent organizations


Question 10 :       What action is being taken for repairing non-functional



Answer     :          Biogas Development Training Centres are providing technical

and training support for revival of non-functional plants. Repair of non-functional biogas plants is being undertaken by State Departments/ Nodal Agencies/ KVIC etc who are implementing the NBMM Programme. The Government is providing financial support up to 50 per cent of the Central subsidy for repairing of  non-functional plants subject to sharing of 50% of the cost of the repair by the beneficiary concerned.


Question 11 :       How many biogas plants are in use now?

Answer        :       An independent evaluation study carried out by Andhra Pradesh

Industrial Training & Consultancy Organization (APITCO), Hyderabad in 2008-09 for family type biogas plants installed during the 10th Plan period under National Biogas and Manure Management Programme (NBMMP) in six representative states namely, Assam, West Bengal, Gujarat, Punjab, Kerala and Chattisgarh, indicated that on an overall average basis, 95.81% of surveyed plants were found in operational condition.


Question 12:        What are the new initiatives launched for promoting use of



Answer        :       The Ministry launched another Programme on Biogas based

Distributed/Grid Power Generation in January 2006 (2005-06) so as to set up reliable decentralized power generating units(3KW to 250KW) in rural areas in the country. The per KW Central Financial Assistance (CFA) of Rs. 40,000 (3-20 KW), Rs. 35,000 (>20 to 100 KW) and Rs. 30,000 (>100 to 250 KW) is available for the installation of biogas based power generation units. The programme is implemented through nodal departments/ agencies of the states/ UTs, KVIC, institutions and Biogas Development and Training Centres (BDTCs) of MNRE.


During the year 2008-09, the Ministry took up a new initiative to demonstrate an Integrated Technology-package in entrepreneurial mode on medium size (200-1000 cum/day) biogas fertilizer plants (BGFP) for generation, purification/enrichment, bottling and piped distribution of biogas. Installation of such plants aims at meeting stationary and motive power, cooling, refrigeration and electricity needs in addition to cooking and heating requirements. Another EOI was given inviting R & D cum-Technology demonstration projects of above 1000m3 also.