Additional Secretary & Joint Secretary

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    Group Heads                    Renewable Energy
              Technology / Programme
Shri Praveen Kumar
Additional Secretary
IREDA, NSM, Solar Parks Scheme, Solar RPO
and REC, Solar Pilot Projects
of J&K & Leh, VGF Scheme,

New Technologies, Hydrogen fuel Cell, Electrical Vehicles,
National Board for Electric Mobility(NBEM),

Information & Public Awareness (I&PA),
Akshay Urja News Magazine, Energy Storage,
NTPC – Bundling Scheme,

NTPC-EPC Scheme, Solar Manufacturing scheme,
Nodal Officer to handle areas like Industrial cluster,
Industrial Diesel,

Replacement, Installation, alongwith the RE,
Coordination  work with M/o Railways,

Food Processing and Petroleum Solar City
Programme and Green Buildings including GRIHA,

R&D Coordination, Lab Policy, Standard & Quality Control,
HRD & Training Including ITEC Innovation Centre,

ISA, Budget and P&C, including coordination with
Cabinet Secretariat and Prime Minister’s Office. NISE,

conducting studies based on statistical data available for RE.

Fax: +91-11-
Res: +91-11-
Sh. Arun Kumar, AS & FA Finance Off: +91-11-24362308
Fax: +91-11-24362308
Res: +91-11-
Email: faoffice[dot].mnre[at]gov[dot]in 
Shri Anjani Nandan Sharan
Joint Secretary
Biomass Cook stove, Biomass Gasifier based
Energy projects for rural area
and Industry including Grid connected, Biogas Power (Off Grid),
Biogas Programme, Biogas Training Centres
and Biogas R&D, Biomass Power schemes & Policies,
Bio Energy Mission, Administration, Waste to Energy,
UNDP/GEF project on Organic waste
streams for Industrial RE Applications,
Setting up of New Institutions of RE
University RE Museum & National New Energy Centre,
EAP  for Women’s Sustainable Energy Entrepreneurship
with UN Women & UNEP, Grid Interactive
Policy, National Electricity Plan including Power
to All for 24X7, Grid Integration & Regulatory Cell
including RE Act and Policy, UNDP/GEF project on
Barriers to Biomass Power Generation , I nternational Relations,
DG- SSS -NIBE, Coordination/comments regarding Cabinet,
EFC, SFC Notes, RTI, Vigilance, Lokpal & Lokayukt.
Off: +91-11-24361027
Fax: +91-11-24367861
Res: +91-11-
Currently looking by:-
Shri Bhanu Pratap Yadav
Joint Secretary
* As a Link Officer
Solar Thermal (Concentrator, Solar Cooker), Solar Water Heating,
Solar R&D (PV&ST), GIZ Solar Thermal Plant,
Battery Testing (R&D)., Solar Roof Top Projects, New Institutions,
Solar Agri Pump Scheme, Solar Street Light, Solar Home Light Systems,
Energy Access relating to Solar pumps,
Micro Grids, UNDP/GEF project on scale up of
Access to Clean Energy for Rural Productive uses,
MNRE-DFID Project on Energy Access Policy Fund,
IGEN – Access & IRE : Access to Energy in Rural Areas
& Integration of RE into Electricity System.,
Solar plants certification, Custom/Excise Duty,
Green Energy Corridor, Geothermal Energy, Solar Scheme for Farmers,
Ocean/Tidal, Guidelines & SBDs, CPSU Scheme,
Grid Connected PV&ST-I Canal Top
Solar Projects, Scheme for Greening of Islands,
Swedish Energy Agency: Andaman Project,
Shri Bhanu Pratap Yadav
Joint Secretary
Small Hydro Power (Private sector), Small Hydro Projects
(Govt. Sector of Uttrakhand & NE) Watermills,
Mini-Micro Hydel, Small Hydro Power (State Govt),
PM’s package of Ladakh RE Intiatives,
Hydro Projects of J&K and Leh, Wind Energy
(Onshore & Offshore), Wind RPO & REC,
GBI scheme, Repowering and Hybrid policies,
Organisation of RE-Invest, DBT, IT, IREDA, NIWE,
NIC matters, Cyber security, Web Management.
Development of RE Portal, Small Hydro Projects
(Govt. Sector- Uttarkhand & NE).
Off: +91-11-24360359
Fax: +91-11-24360359
Res: +91-11-26494530
Email: yadavbp[at]cag[dot]gov[dot]in