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The Centre has been playing a crucial role in development and promotion of solar energy technologies. The Centre has been the technical focal point for the National Solar Energy Programme. The facilities created at the Centre to enable it to perform its role are the most advanced and unique in India and south Asian region. The Centre is recognised today as a leading institution for

  1. Solar Resource Assessment
  2. Technology Assessment
  3. Solar Buildings
  4. System Designing
  5. Evaluation of Emerging Technologies
  6. Testing and Standardization of solar devices
  7. Bio-fuel Plantation

Apart from development of infrastructural and R&D facilities, the Centre has also many other significant achievements as given below, to its credit.

Main achievements :

  • Technical assistance to industry for development for solar energy products
  • Development of National Standards for solar thermal devices
  • Establishments of testing protocol for solar thermal and solar PV devices for attaining uniformity in the testing carried out by various authorized agencies within the country.
  • Preparation of a number of technical reports/papers on important solar energy topics, such as solar thermal power generation, solar refrigeration, solar desalination, biofuel and other technologies.
  • Establishment of a number of technology demonstration projects which includes a 46 KW solar PV power project at the Centre.
  • Establishment of state-of-the-art facilities for solar energy research and testing under assistance from UNDP, USAID and GTZ.
  • Establishment of a solar evaporative cooling system for a part of the technical blocks of the Solar Energy Centre.
  • Reviving 50 KWe Solar Thermal Power Plant by indegninizing some critical components like Heat Collection Elements. Plant is in use as R&D, Demonstration & Educational facility.
  • 26,000 & 500 saplings of Jatropha Curcas and Pongania Pinnata have been planted respectively under the biofuel programme during 2005-06.
  • Prepared a bio-diversity report including both indigenous and exotic flora of SEC.
  • Prepared presentation material i.e. posters giving technical details from cultivation of Jatropha curcas to production of biodiesel.