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Appellate Authority and Central Public Information Officer

Names and Designation of the Central Public Information Officers (CPIOs) and Appellate Authorities in MNRE Under Right to Information Act 2005   

(as on 05.06.2017)  

S. No Subject CPIO Appellate Authority
1 Climate Change related initiatives including Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPO) related issues, REC Policy, Re-INVEST related documents, INSPA, NCEF, Hydrogen, Fuel Cell and IREP, Electrical Vehicle and National Board of Electric Mobility, New Technology , RE Act Policy Shri Dipesh Pherwani,Scientist ‘B’ Dr. P.C. Maithani, Scientist ‘G’
2 Geothermal, Ocean / Tidal , Grid Interactive Policy, Shri Anubhav UppalScientist ‘B’ Shri Girish Kumar,Scientist ‘E’
3 Setting up of New Institutions of RE University RE Museum & National New Energy Centre, EAP for women’s sustainable Energy Entrepreneurship with UN women and UNEP, Grid interactive policy  UNDP/GEF project on barriers to Biomass power generation Shri Vijay Kumar  Bharti, Scientist ‘B’ Shri. V. K. Jain,Scientist ‘G’
4 Waste to Energy Shri Vijay Kumar  Bharti, Scientist ‘B’ Dr. D. K Khare,Scientist ‘F’
5 Greening of Islands, Swedish Energy Agency, Andaman Projects Shri Vijay Kumar Bharti,Scientist ‘B’ Shri Ruchin Gupta,   DS
6 Energy Storage Shri Rohit Thakwani, Scientist ‘B’ Dr. P.C. PantScientist ‘F’
7 Solar Scheme for Farmers, Green Energy Corridor Shri Rohit Thakwani, Scientist ‘B’ Shri Girish Kumar,Scientist ‘E’
8 Planning and Coordination, IREDA Shri Rahul Rawat,Scientist ‘B’ Dr.Pankaj Saxena,Scientist ‘F’
9 Solar Thermal Group- Solar Concentrator and Solar Cookers Shri Arvindh MA,Scientist ‘B’ Dr. R.P. Goswami,Scientist   ‘F’
10 Biogas Power , Biofules, Battery Operated Vehicles (BoV), National Biogas Programme, Biogas Training Centres and Biogas R&D Shri S.R. Meena,Scientist ‘C’ Shri G. L. Meena,Scientist ‘G’
11 Off-Grid Solar, Agri Pump Scheme, Street Light , Home Light Shri Shobhit Srivastava,Scientist ‘C’ Dr. G. Prasad,Scientist  ‘F’
12 Small Hydro Projects (Private Sector)Watermills,
Small Hydro Projects (Government Sector) of Uttarakhand, North East Watermills, Mini -Micro Hydel
Shri S. K Shahi,Scientist ‘C’ Dr. P. C. Pant,Scientist ‘F’
13 VGF Scheme, GBI Shri Neeraj Kumar,Scientist ‘C’ Shri B.L Ram,Scientist “G”
14 HRD and R&D Shri Tarun SinghScientist ‘C’ Dr. B. S. Negi,Scientist  ‘G’
15 Small Wind Energy, Off – Shore Wind,
Wind Resources Assessment,
Fiscal Incentive (CCDC and EDEC) (Concessional Custom Duty Certificate, Excise Duty Exemption Certificate)
Shri P.K Dash Scientist ‘C’ Shri G UpadhyayScientist ‘F’
16 Solar Rooftop Shri Hiren Borah,Scientist ‘C’ Dr. G. Prasad,Scientist  ‘F’
17 Wind Energy, Wind RPO (Renewable Purchase Obligations), REC (Renewable Energy Certificate), NIWE Shri A. Hari Bhaskaran, Scientist ‘C’ Shri Jeevan Kumar Jethani, Scientist ‘D’
18 Solar (R&D), (ST&SPV), Solar Water Heater, Solar Thermal Group – Flat Plate/ Evacuated Tube Collector / Non concentrating Collector Systems – Air Heaters, driers, direct cooking system and All issues relating to Application relating to Regional Testing Centre, Shri Anil Kumar,Scientist ‘C’ Shri I.P Singh, Scientist ‘F’
19 NTPC Building Scheme, Solar Manufacturing Scheme , Nodal Officer to handle areas like Industrial Cluster, Industrial Diesel Replacement, Installations, along with the R.E.
Coordination Work with Ministry of Railways, Food Processing and Petroleum.
Shri Sanjay Karandhar, Scientist ‘C’ Shri B.K. Bhatt, Scientist ‘G’
20 Biomass Cookstove, SSS-NIBE, Dr. Preeti Kaur, Scientist ’D’ Dr. D.K.Khare,Scientist ‘F’
21 Organization of RE – Invest Dr. P.C. Pant,Scientist ‘F’ Shri Bhanu Pratap Yadav, JS
22 Biomass gasifier based Energy Projects for rural area, industry including grid connected, Dr. D.K.Khare,Scientist ‘F’ Shri A.N Sharan, JS
23 DBT Cell Shri Sohail Akhtar,Scientist ‘G’ Shri Bhanu Pratap Yadav, JS
24 Biomass Power Schemes and Policies, Bio Energy Mission Shri S. K Khurana, US Shri G UpadhyayScientist ‘F’
25 I & PA  Shri Raghunath , US Dr. A.K Tripathi,Scientist ‘G’
26 Development of Solar City Programme & Energy Efficiency and Solar Green  Building  Shri Raghunath , US Dr. A.K Tripathi,Scientist ‘G’
27 Vigilance Ms. Sunita Dhewal, US Dr. P.C. PantScientist ‘F’
28 National Solar Mission, , Solar RPO (Renewable Purchase Obligations), REC (Renewable Energy Certificate), Solar Park, Defence Schemes, Shri Devendra Singh, US Shri Dilip Nigam,Scientist ‘G’
29 International Relations (IR) Shri Sachin Tulsi, US Ms. Veena Sinha,Director
30 Guidelines & SBDs, CPSU Scheme, Grid Connected PV & ST-1 Canal Top Solar Project, NISE, SECI  Shri Devendra Singh, US  Shri Ruchin Gupta,   DS
31 O/o Minister of State (IC), NRE Shri SachinTulsi, US Shri A.N Sharan, JS
32 Parliament Work, Shri A.K. SinghUS Dr. Pankaj Saxena, Scientist ‘F’
33 Public Grievances Shri A.K. SinghUS Ms. Alka Joshi, DS
34 Administration Shri Arvind Pokhriyal, US Shri G UpadhyayScientist ‘F’
35 NIC Matters, Ms. Alka Joshi, DS Shri Bhanu Pratap Yadav, JS
36 Seminar & Symposia Ms. Alka Joshi, DS Dr. A.K Tripathi,  Scientist ‘G’
37 SADP, Akshay Urja Shop, RTI, Hindi, Library Ms. Alka Joshi, DS Ms. Sutapa Majumdar, EA
38 Integrated Finance Division (IFD) Shri C.M. Bhatla, DS Shri J B MahapatraJS & FA
39 PAO , Budget  Shri Kedar NathSr. AO Shri  Sanjay Pandey,Controller of Accounts
40 Regional Office - Bhubaneswar Shri B.K. Panda,Scientist ‘E’ Shri A.N Sharan, JS
41 Regional Office- Guwahati    


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