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Additional Secretary / Joint Secretary


    Group Heads                    Renewable Energy
              Technology / Programme
Additional Secretary National Solar Mission (NSM), All VGF Schemes, bundling scheme through NTPC/NVVN, CPSUs scheme, Canal Top/Canal bank Defence establishments scheme etc, Any other grid connected programmes/Schemes, Solar Parks and Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects, Development of Solar Cities, SECI, NISE, ISA, NCEF,  United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) /GEF Energy Access Project Institutions, R&D (Solar PV & ST), Solar Park Certification, Custom Duty/Excise Duty,, Small Hydro Project (Pvt, State Govt.),  CDM, REC and CERC matters, I&PA, Green Buildings including Green Residential & Industrial Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) Rating System, Annual Media Policy, Social Media Policy including for ISA, Parliament Matters, Budget/Expenditure, etc.   Off: +91-11-
Fax: +91-11-
Res: +91-11-
Email: as[dot]mnre[at]gov[dot]in
Joint Secretary Onshore & Offshore Wind Energy, Offshore pilot Project (Wind), NIWE, IREDA, HRD & Training, Solar project on cook stoves (Unnat Chulha), Policy, Regulatory cell, Green Energy Corridor Projects, Renewable purchase Obligations (RPO) in REC markets, New initiates in Renewable Energy in areas of Tidal Energy, Hybrid Renewable Energy Policy, Repowering Policy ,Amendments to Electricity Act, Establishment, Biofuels. Waste to energy, Municipal Solid waste based pilot projects, Family Biogas Programme, Biogas based power projects of upto 250 kW power/equivalent biogas generation capacity, Biogas Energy Programmes, Battery Operated Vehicles (BOV), Biogas based programme / schemes including Research and Development/ Technology Demonstration Projects, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Centre(NHEFCC), IREP, Research Design and Development (RD&D) Coordination R&D Conclave, R&D Manual. Biomass Power /  Bagasse  Cogeneration in sugar mills and in non-sugar industries & NIRE. Off: +91-11-24361027
Fax: +91-11-24367413
Res: +91-11-
Shri Santosh D. Vaidya
Joint Secretary
Roof Top Solar Projects, Solar City Programme, Setting up of New Institutions, Scheme on Energy Efficient Solar/Green Building, International Relations (IR), Formation and Implementation as well as monitoring of Start-ups Policy of MNRE, Administration, Geothermal Energy Off: +91-11-24362288
Fax: +91-11-24362288
Res: +91-011-26871738
Email: santosh[dot]vaidya[at]gov[dot]in 
Shri J B, Mohapatra
Joint Secretary & FA
Finance Off: +91-11-24362308
Fax: +91-11-24362308
Res: +91-011-26872122
Email: faoffice[dot]mnre[at]gov[dot]in

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