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Ongoing RD&D Projects

The Ministry has been implementing a broad based Research, Development Demonstration (RD&D) programme for Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells with the following objectives: 

  • Study & evaluate the feasibility of production of hydrogen by various processes/ techniques, especially based on renewable energy methods;
  • Development of materials/processes/sub-systems/systems for storage of hydrogen;
  • Support projects on utilization of hydrogen as a fuel for stationary, automobile and portable applications;
  • Support projects for development of hydrogen infrastructure for production, storage and applications of hydrogen, including safety, standards and codes, capacity building & public awareness;
  • Support demonstration projects relating to production, storage and applications of hydrogen.
  • R&D on fuel cell technology including materials/cells stack/sub-system development;
  • Performance improvements; and
  • Indigenous production and promotion of applications of fuel cell technology for power generation, transport and other applications.

 As on date, MNRE is supporting 24 RD&D projects on various aspects of hydrogen energy and fuel cells.

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