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Allocation of Business

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is a Scientific Ministry which has been assigned the following subjects/business under the Allocation of Business Rules:

bullet Research and development of Biogas and programmes relating to Biogas units;

bullet Commission for Additional Sources of Energy (CASE);

bullet Solar Energy including Solar Photovoltaic devices and their development, production and applications;

bullet Programme relating to improved chulhas and research and development thereof;

bullet Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA);

bullet All matters relating to small/mini/micro hydel projects of and below 25 MW capacity;

bullet Research and development of other non-conventional/renewable sources of energy and programmes relating thereto;

bullet Tidal energy;

bullet Integrated Rural Energy Programme (IREP);

bullet Geothermal Energy;

bullet Bio-fuels: (i) National Policy; (ii) research, development and demonstration on transport, stationary and other applications; (iii) setting up of a National Bio- fuels Development Board and strengthening the existing institutional mechanism; and(iv) overall coordination.

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