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Joint Secretary


    Group Heads                    Renewable Energy
              Technology / Programme
Shri Santosh D. Vaidya
Joint Secretary
 Roof Top Solar Projects, Solar City Programme, Setting up of New Institutions, Scheme on Energy Efficient Solar/Green Building, International Relations (IR), Formation and Implementation as well as monitoring of Start-ups Policy of MNRE, Administration, Geothermal Energy Off: +91-11-24362288
Fax: +91-11-24362288
Res: +91-011-26871738
Email: santosh[dot]vaidya[at]gov[dot]in 
Joint Secretary
Shri Anjani Nandan Sharma
  Off: +91-11-
Fax: +91-11-
Res: +91-11-
Shri J B, Mohapatra
Joint Secretary & FA
Finance Off: +91-11-24362308
Fax: +91-11-24362308
Res: +91-011-26872122
Email: faoffice[dot]mnre[at]gov[dot]in

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