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Manufactures /Suppliers of Systems

Manufactures /Suppliers /Industries /Architects of Systems

Solar PV List of Manufacturers empanelled under Capital Subsidy scheme only for Solar Lighting systems implemented through NABARD  (As on 22.06.2016)
State wise List of Suppliers Empanelled to Promote Solar Water Pumping Programme through NABARD  (Posted on 02.12.2014) (Updated on 22.06.2016)  
List of Associations of Solar Manufacturers endorsed by MNRE (Posted on 18.09.2015)
Solar Thermal ETC Manufactures Solar Water Heating System (SWHS) (As on 29.02.2016)
Application format for empanelment of ETC manufactures (Posted on 13.08.2013)
Authorized Testing Laboratories for Solar Thermal Applications (Posted on 19.08.2013)
Dealers of Solar Water Heating System in Delhi
List of Channel Partners accredited by the Ministry for Off-Grid and Decentralized Solar Water Heating (SWH) Systems under JNNSM (As on 19.09.2014)

Manufacturers of Box Type & Dish Type Solar Cooker (As on 17.05.2013)
List of Channel partners empanelled by MNRE for installation of CST based systems (As on 01.03.2016) 
Manufacturers / Suppliers / Institutions involved in Installation of Solar Air heating System (As on 04.02.2013)
List of Manufacturers / Suppliers empanelled by MNRE for installation of Concentrating Solar Technologies (CSTs) based systems (As on 01.03.2016)
List of Channel partners empanelled by MNRE for installation of CST based systems (As on 01.09.2015)
List of Channel partners empanelled by MNRE for sale & distribution of Box & Dish type solar cookers (As on 01.09.2015)
Biomass Manufacturers of Biomass Gasifier in India (As on 26.12.2014)
Manufacturers of Improved Biomass Cookstoves (As on 25.02.2016)
Small Hydro Power Manufacturers  of SHP equipment (As on 14.09.2015)
Wind Power Manufacturers of Wind Turbine
Architects Solar Passive Architecture
Others Akshay Urja Shops (As on 04.04.2013)

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