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First Stakeholders Meet on Geothermal Heat Pumps by MNRE and IGSHPA” held on 19th June, 2015 at Gulmohar, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

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                        “First Stakeholders Meet on Geothermal Heat Pumps by MNRE and IGSHPA” Held on 19th June, 2015 at Gulmohar, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi         

 First Stakeholders Meet on Geothermal Heat Pumps by MNRE and  IGSHPA –India Chapter

Venue - Gulmohar, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
Date- 19th June 2015

  • Jointly organized with

     MNRE (Ministry of New & Renewable Energy),
ASHAE India Chapter,
ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating & Refrigeration Engineers),
IGBC (Indian Green Building Council)

  • The meeting was chaired by Mr. Upendra Tripathy (IAS) – Secretary, MNRE and moderated by Mrs. Varsha Joshi (IAS), Joint Secretary, MNRE
  • Points discussed:
    • Setting up Resource assessment of Geothermal potential in five climatic zones n India
    • Challenges faced in India
    • Expectation from the Government
      • Discussed various limitations of Geo potential in India
      • Draft policy for bore digging.
      • Explore the usage of Sewage geothermal system.
      • Certification for IGSHPA designer and Installers.
      • Promote this technology on all platforms.
      • Incentives for the pilot projects to be carried out and the case studies to be shared.
      • Mandatory minimum 10% of AC load to be on Geothermal cooling/heating.
      • Duty free import of GSHP for three years.
    • Setting up team for promoting GSHP in India
    • Methodology to be set for joint working for GSHP technology with MNRE, IGSHPA, ISHRAE, ASHRAE (India Chapter) and IGBC
    • MOU was signed between IGSHPA – India Chapter with following:
      • IGBC (Indian Green Building Council)
      • ASHAE India Chapter, 
      • ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating & Refrigeration Engineers),
  • The following were points were noted during the meeting:
    • Researches are going on for Ground Source Heat pump.
    • Before digging the land for doing the research work prior permission has to be taken from concerned authority. Also to ensure that during the research work underground water should not being polluted.
    • Government funds to be allocated for doing such research work.
    • Accountability should be fixed for all those who are involved in such research work. It has also been observed that there is delay in getting the permission from the concerned authority for starting the research work. Sometimes it takes more than 7 months.
    • It has been proposed in the meeting that proper license should be issued to the contractor for digging the land to avoid the wastage of water.
    • It has been observed that availability of funds is the main problem. Various Banks such as KFW Bank (German) along with MNRE are financing such projects. For fulfilling the criteria of getting the finance, the project should be concrete and should be at least 40 to 50 Million Euro size.
    • IREDA, National Housing bank and SIDBI are another banks, which is giving finance for such projects at lower rate of Interest.
    • First preference will be given to small and medium size enterprises for finance. They may apply with complete details and documents for doing the research work.
    • Proposal of developing of standard documents for research work.

 Photo Gallery of the Event

List of participants:

  • Meeting was attended by the following senior persons:
    • Mr. Upendra Tripathy (IAS) – Secretary, MNRE
    • Mrs. Varsh Joshi (IAS), Joint Secretary, MNRE
    • Mr Girish Kumar, Director, Geothermal, MNRE
    • Mr K S Popli, Chairman and Managing Director (Indian Renewable Energy Development Authority)
    • Mrs Mili Mazumdar, Director, The Energy Research Center (TERI)
    • Mrs Usha Rao, KFW
    • Mr Joginder Singh, Advisor, Ministry of Water
    • Mr Alfred Ng, Managing Director, Mammoth, China
    • Dr Prem Jian, Chairman, IGSHPA-India Chapter,  Chairman- Indian Green Building Council
    • Mr Kamal Meattle – Co-Chairman, IGSHPA-India Chapter
    • Mr Ashish Rakheja, Member - , IGSHPA-India Chapter
    • Mr Richie Mittal – Secretary, IGSHPA-India Chapter
    • Dr Jyotiray Mathur, Member, , IGSHPA-India Chapter
    • Mr Jagdeep Singh – President, Delhi Chapter of ISHRAE
    • Mr Sunil Kher, President, ASHRAE India Chapter
    • Mr G C Mudgil, Member of National Building Code of India
  • Following Organizations attended
    • Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
    • Ministry of Railways
    • Coal India Limited
    • NTPC
    • TERI
    • SAIL
    • Bluebox.
    • UTC Carrier
    • GIBBS
    • Rosemex Ecotech
    • Trane
    • Other manufacturers
  • Around 100 participants attended the event.