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12.1 With a view to implement the Official Language Policy of the Government of India, a Hindi Section has been set up in the Ministry. Its functions are as under:-

  1. Translation work
  2. Implementation of the Official Language Policy of the Govt. of India.

12.2 During the year 2015-16 concerted efforts were made to ensure proper compliance of the provisions of Official Language Act 1963 and Rules framed thereunder. For promotion of Official Language Policy and to create more conducive environment for the officials to do more work in Hindi, various programmes/schemes are being undertaken which include the following:

  • A Glossary of Non- Conventional Energy Sources has been prepared by Hindi Section of this ministry and the same is distributed to all the officers/staff of the Ministry.
  • Work is in progress to make the Ministry’s revamped website bilingual.
  • Notings of day to day nature have been printed on file covers bilingually.
  • A digital board has been installed at the entrance of the Ministry and a new Hindi word is demonstrated daily. Inspirational quotes are also displayed.
  • Standard Drafts and Standard Forms have been prepared in Hindi and placed on the Website of the Ministry for convenience of officers/staff.
  • Two booklets on the progress made by India in the field of Renewable Energy were prepared in Hindi and English.
  • Addresses of Nodal Agencies have been prepared in Hindi.
  • All documents coming under section 3(3) of the O.L. Act 1963, eg. Press Release, Tender Notices, Rules, General Orders, Notification, Cabinet Notes, Parliament Questions and other Documents to be laid in the Parliament were proceed bilingually.
  • Letters received in the Hindi were invariably replied to in Hindi and Rule (5) of the Official Language Rules 1976 was fully complied with.
  • First working day of every month is celebrated as Hindi Divas in the Ministry. On this day mostly the work is done in Hindi.

12.3 During the year 2015-16, various measures were taken for effective implementation of Official Language Policy in the Ministry. Special emphasis was laid on increasing originating correspondence in Hindi. As per the Quarterly Progress Report for the quarter ended on 30th September, 2015, the percentage of Hindi correspondence with offices in Regions 'A' and 'B' was 79.05% and 69.61% respectively.

12.4 In Order to review the progress made in the implementation of Official Language policy, quarterly meetings of Official Language Implementation Committee were held regularly. Discussions were held on quarterly progress reports received from various Sections/Divisions of the Ministry, and IREDA, SECI and NISE. The

Shri Upendra Tripathy, Secretary, MNRE chaired the prize distribution function during the Hindi Fortnight 2015

Sections/Divisions and other Organizations were advised to achieve the targets specified by the Department of Official Language.

12.5 With a view to create awareness and to increase the use of Hindi in official work, a 'Hindi Fortnight' was observed in the Ministry during14th to 28thSeptember, 2015. During the fortnight, a message was issued from Hon’ble Minister (NRE) regarding progressive use of Hindi. A number of competitions were held which were well taken by officers and staff of the Ministry. Officers and staff members belonging to Hindi and non-Hindi speaking categories were given cash awards and certificates based on their performances by the Secretary, MNRE. Besides, Hindi Day/ Fortnight was also observed in various offices and Undertakings of the Ministry.

12.6 Hindi books are purchased in the Ministry every year. Besides, many Hindi journals are also purchased.

12.7 In order to promote the use of Hindi in official work, Literature and Glossaries were distributed among the officers and staff. All advertisements were issued bilingual.

12.8 Hindi Noting & Drafting Incentive Scheme of the Department of Official Language was continued during the year and five officers/staff were awarded under this Scheme.

Meeting of Hindi Advisory Committee

12.9 The reconstitution of Hindi Advisory Committee of the Ministry is under process.

Prakartik Urja Puraskar Yojna

12.10 To promote original book writing in Hindi or translated in Hindi related to the subjects of Non- Conventional Energy, Prakartik Urja Purskar Yojna is being implemented in the Ministry, since 1988. Under this scheme, there is a provision to award a first prize of Rs.1,00,000/-, second prize of Rs.60,000/- and third prize of Rs.40,000/- for the books originally written in Hindi. For the books translated into Hindi the amount of first, second and third prize is Rs.50,000/-, Rs.30,000/- and Rs.20,000/- respectively. Besides the cash awards an appreciation letter signed by the Secretary, MNRE is also given to the awardee. For the calendar year 2013, the book, “Urjake Aparamparagat Srot” by Shri S.S.L. Patel was awarded second prize. The entries received for the Calendar Year 2014 are under evaluation.

Organization of Hindi workshops

12.11 With a view to encourage the officers/staff to do their official work in Hindi, Hindi workshop is organized in every quarter for the officers and staff of different categories. During the year, three Hindi workshops were organized. A number of officers/staff from the Ministry participated in these workshops.

Inspection of Subordinate Offices and Sections

12.12 With a view to assess the status regarding progressive use of Official Language, inspection of various offices and Autonomous Institutions/ PSU etc. carried out from time to time by the officials of Hindi Section. During the year 2015-16, Official Language inspection of four Sections of the Ministry was carried out.

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