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1. To plan and execute an integrated programme on development and deployment of solar energy technologies to achieve commercialization. To own, operate and manage, or to operate and manage as an agent, any type of power stations,( both grid connected and off-grid / distributed) and promote research and development, select suitable sites for solar power stations and ancillary facilities of every kind and description, ensure proper evacuation of power from such stations by providing for associated transmission facilities required for the purpose or otherwise and undertake all measures required therefor or incidental to any or all of the above. To exchange, distribute and sell power in accordance with the policies and objectives laid down by the Central Government under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission and as announced from time to time.

2. (a) The main functions of the (“not for profit” section 25) Company would include assisting the Ministry of New and renewable Energy in executing the Mission objectives through appropriate mechanisms (for both grid and off-grid activities), evolving programmes and projects, managing special projects, overseeing and coordinating with all relevant stakeholder agencies in the pursuit of the above objectives
(b) The Company would be responsible for providing thrust to indigenous manufacturing and facilitate related R&D. It would also carry out work related to demonstration and technology validation projects.
(c) The internal administrative functions, IEC, international cooperation projects, HRD training, and financial administration, would also be carried out by the Company.
(d) The Company would also facilitate the work of the R&D Advisory Council and the Industry Advisory Council. The Solar Research Advisory Council would enable the development of a technology roadmap and provide inputs on all matters related to R&D and capacity building to the Mission Steering Group. The Industry Advisory Council would work closely with the Research Council and provide inputs on technology and for creating a framework for promoting applied research in industry. It would provide inputs on matters relating to industrial development, technology transfer/ absorption/ joint ventures, incentives and investment-related matters to the Mission Steering Group, as it goes about its task of policy formulation.
(e) The Company would also undertake setting up of solar projects, both grid connected and off-grid and engage in generating and selling solar power. If necessary, the Company may form joint ventures or SPV for this purpose either with the other Government organizations or in PPP mode. This will allow revenue-earning opportunities in future.
(f). The (proposed Section 25) Company would, in the first phase and under the guidance of the Mission Steering Group be responsible for:
(i) full roll out of the plan to install 1000 MW (plus) of solar grid connected power – including selection of developers, tie-ups with state utilities, interaction with Ministry of Power and other stakeholders etc.; (NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam (NVVN) will continue to remain the implementing agency for this component of the Mission and shall be responsible to purchase solar power and sell solar power bundled with the thermal power or otherwise. The role of the Company would be to facilitate the activities as and when required and maintain the data base for future reference and expansion of the activity in the Phase II of the Mission.
(ii) full roll out of the component on off-grid solar applications, including deployment of 20 million sq. m solar thermal collector area;
(iii) encourage solar energy start-ups, build a network of incubators, explore innovative financing mechanisms, promote and support Venture Funds in the sector;
(iv) Collaborate with the R&D Advisory Council to develop standards and specifications for the solar industry;
(v) Providing 20 million solar lighting systems in rural areas by 2022.
(vi) under the overall guidance of the MNRE and the Mission Steering Group,
a) play a policy advocacy role with regulators and financial institutions to encourage investment;
b) assist to initiate dialogue and collaborate with possible multilateral and bilateral agencies to upscale solar technology deployment in the country.
c) develop a roadmap for Phase II of the NSM by preparing a framework for using the funds available under the National Clean Energy Fund;
d) undertake awareness generation activities and implement capacity building strategy ; and
e) undertake technical and policy studies and evaluations.
(vii) The Company would manage, disburse and monitor the financial incentives (subsidy/loan/grant) related programmes under the Mission Any other task assigned by the Government from time to time.
(viii) The Company would implement the orders issued by the Ministry for implementation of activities under the Mission including the decisions taken by the Mission Steering Group set up by the Government (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) with respect to implementation and monitoring of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission.

3. To engage in the business of purchasing, selling, importing, exporting, producing (including manufacturing of solar energy related components, fabrication of materials), trading (including trading of electricity), manufacturing or otherwise dealing in all matters relating to the planning and execution of solar power projects, including hybrid power plants and associated transmission facilities and to the operation and maintenance of such power stations and ancillary facilities and to install, operate and manage all necessary plants, establishments and works

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